Reticulated Python Size Explained & Compared With Other

Reticulated Python Length

Reticulated Python Size

The reticulated python, one of the longest snakes in the world, is renowned for its eye-catching diamond-shaped pattern and its capacity to reach lengths of up to 20 feet.

These snakes are indigenous to Southeast Asia, where they can be found in a range of environments such as grasslands, swamps, and rainforests. Due to their non-venomous nature and reputation for strength, reticulated pythons are a popular species in the pet trade.

The reticulated python truly stands out among snake species in terms of length. These snakes can actually reach astonishing lengths of 20 feet and weights of over 250 pounds. 

In addition, male reticulated pythons typically grow to a length of 10 and 14 feet (3-4.2 m), whereas females can grow to a length of 16 feet (4.8 m) and can exceed 20 feet (6 m). 

A phenomenon where males and females of a species have different physical characteristics is known as sexual dimorphism.

Reticulated Python LengthMeter Feet
Average length Male: 3-4.2 m
Female: 3-4.8 m
Male: 10 ft to 14 ft
Female: 10-16 ft
Maximum length 6 m20 ft

Reticulated Python Weight

Reticulated pythons are apex predators in the wild and will readily take on prey that is bigger than they are. They are known to ambush their prey, suffocate it, and constrict it with their strong coils. As a result, reticulated pythons are renowned for their weight in addition to their impressive length.

On average reticulated pythons can weigh between 1 and 75kg (2.2 and 165.3lb), with some female reticulated pythons, historically weighing over 250 pounds (more than 112 kg). 

This is yet another instance of sexual dimorphism, in which a species’ males and females exhibit various physical traits.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that these are merely averages and that individual snakes can differ greatly in terms of their size and weight, with some males weighing over 158.8 kg (350 lb 2 oz). 

Reticulated Python WeightKilograms Pounds 
Average weight 1 and 75kgMale: 2.2 and 165.3lb
Maximum Weight 112 kg-158.8 kg250-350 lb 2 oz

Reticulated Python Teeth Size

In addition to their size, the reticulated python’s teeth are an important component of their hunting and prey-eating strategy. These snakes possess a special ability that allows them to open their jaws wider in order to swallow large prey, like deer and pigs.

The long, curved, sharp teeth of reticulated pythons are ideal for grabbing and holding onto prey and can reach up to a few inches in size. 

Because the upper jaw’s teeth are a tiny bit longer than the lower jaw’s teeth, they can tightly grip their prey while squeezing and suffocating it. 1

Reticulated Python Egg And Clutch Size

Did you know that the number of eggs in a python’s clutch can vary greatly depending on the species, with some laying as few as four eggs while others may lay up to 100 at a time?

Additionally, species-specific variations exist in egg size as well. Because many eggs may not hatch or the hatchlings may not live to adulthood, the number of eggs in a clutch does not always correspond to the number of surviving offspring. The number of eggs laid in a clutch can also depend on the snake’s size, age, and general health.

Reticulated Python Size Comparison To Human

Reticulated Python Size compared with human

You may be surprised to learn that the world’s largest snake, the reticulated python, can grow to be longer than the average human, with some individuals reaching lengths of up to 30 feet!

In addition to being the longest snake in the world, reticulated pythons are also among the heaviest, with some adults weighing more than 350 pounds. A fully grown reticulated python can be more than five times longer than the average person, who is about 5.5 to 5.9 feet tall and 132 to 176 pounds (60 to 80 kgs) heavy. 

So, you can see how insanely large and heavy these pythons are compared to us. 

Animal type  Height Weight 
Reticulated python Male: 3-4.2 m (10 ft to 20 ft)
Female: 3-4.8 (10-16 ft)
1 and 75kg (2.2 and 165.3lb)
Average adult human 5.5 to 5.9 feet132 to 176 pounds (60 to 80 kgs)

Reticulated Python Vs Anaconda Size Comparison

Imagine two giant snakes, one slithering at 16 feet and the other at 15 feet, both are capable of crushing a human with their powerful coils – the reticulated python and the anaconda!

Both the reticulated python and the anaconda are known for their enormous size, with the former usually reaching lengths of up to 16 feet and the latter reaching up to 15 feet. The anaconda has the advantage when it comes to weight, with some individuals reaching weights of over 500 pounds, whereas the heaviest reticulated python ever recorded weighed just over 350 pounds.

Animal type  Height Weight 
Reticulated python Male: 3-4.2 m (10 ft to 20 ft)
Female: 3-4.8 (10-16 ft)
1 and 75kg (2.2 and 165.3lb)
Green Anaconda3 m to 4.6 m (9 ft 10 in to 15 ft 1 in) 100-150 pounds

Burmese Vs Reticulated Python Size Comparison

When it comes to giant snakes, the Burmese python and the Reticulated python are often mentioned in the same breath, but do you know how they compare in size?

Although both the Burmese and Reticulated pythons are known for their enormous size, the Reticulated python is typically larger, growing up to 16 feet long compared to the Burmese python’s maximum length of 14 feet. While the heaviest Burmese python ever recorded weighed just over 200 pounds, the Reticulated python is also heavier, with some individuals reaching weights of over 300 pounds.

Animal type  Height Weight 
Reticulated python Male: 3-4.2 m (10 ft to 20 ft)
Female: 3-4.8 (10-16 ft)
1 and 75kg (2.2 and 165.3lb)
Burmese python8 and 14 feet (2.4 — 4.2 m)200-pound

Reticulated Python Vs Titanoboa Size Comparison

Lastly if we look at the Reticulated python and the Titanoboa side to side, the Titanoboa is larger than the other.

In fact, the Titanoboa is an extinct snake that lived around 60 million years ago, it is estimated to have grown up to 13 meters (42.7 feet) in length and weighed around 1,135 kg (1.25 tons). The Titanoboa is considered to be the largest snake ever to exist on the earth.

The Reticulated python, on the other hand, is a living species native to Southeast Asia, typically reaches lengths of up to 16 feet (4.8 meters), and can weigh over 200 pounds. 

Animal type  Height Weight 
Reticulated python Male: 3-4.2 m (10 ft to 20 ft)
Female: 3-4.8 (10-16 ft)
Male: 1 and 75kg (2.2 and 165.3lb)
Titanoboa13 meters (42.7 feet) 1,135 kg (1.25 tons)


And that was everything you need to know about the size of Reticulated Python size. I hope this article was informative enough and your queries were answered.

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