Newfoundland Dog Size Explained: How Big Are They Compared To Others?

Newfoundland Dog Size

One of the biggest breeds of dogs around the world is Newfoundland. Many people adore them for their kindness, incredible size, and extremely thick coats. 

Pertaining to its huge size, the Newfoundland dog indeed has a robust, sturdy physique that has been utilized for decades by fishermen and farmers. This breed originated on the island of Newfoundland. 

The dog’s enormous size is both an attraction and a turnoff for individuals who are unaware of the breed. If you’re considering bringing one of these fluffy giants home, you should be aware of its size and other elements. 

Read on to find out more about this giant but gentle breed in detail.

Newfoundland Dog Height

Newfoundland Dog Size

The Newfoundland dogs are strikingly beautiful, with their huge size, thick coat, and adorable face. 

You will believe this just by having a glance at them. They might appear intimidating to you at first due to their massive size, powerful build, and strong muscles irrespective of their sex. 

Nonetheless, they have a very gentle and friendly nature. Following is the approximate height of the Newfoundland Dog:

Dog BreedHeight
Newfoundland Dog Male28 inches (71 cm)
Newfoundland Dog Female26 inches (66 cm)

Newfoundland Dog Weight

These dogs are fluffy and adorable pets but have a really robust and massive physique. 

Being one of the largest dog breeds in the world their average weight is more than 120 pounds. If you are looking for a giant but an equally kind and patient dog, then a newfound land is the one for you. 

Following is the estimated weight of the Newfoundland you should know:

Dog BreedWeight
Newfoundland Dog Male130-150 pounds (58-68 kg)
Newfoundland Dog Female100-120 pounds (45-54 kg)

Newfoundland Dog Puppy Size

The Newfoundland puppies can be the most adorable dog puppies you will ever get to look at. 

Their small paws, fluffy coats, deep eyes, and furrowed brows. Everything about this puppy is the most adorable. 

They are also called, “Newfie”. You will be allowed to take the Newfoundland puppies home from a respectable breeder when they are above 10 weeks old. 

So, If you are seeking to bring these adorable creatures home, keep in mind to look if they are a minimum of 10 weeks old or not. 

Now, explaining the size of the cute Newfie puppy you can look at the following information:

Newfoundland DogMale WeightFemale WeightHeight (inches) 
1-month-old8 – 12 lbs7 – 11 lbs10 – 12”
2 months old17 – 27 lbs15 – 22 lbs13 – 14”
3 months old41 – 54 lbs38 – 46 lbs19 – 21”
4 months old55 – 65 lbs45 – 56 lbs20 – 23”
5 months old63 – 75 lbs54 – 67 lbs21 – 24”
6 months old73 – 87 lbs59 – 72 lbs22 – 24”
7 months old82 – 98 lbs66 – 75 lbs22 – 25”
8 months old92 – 101 lbs69 – 78 lbs23 – 25”
9 months old102 – 115 lbs75 – 84 lbs23 – 25”
10 months old109 – 121 lbs84 – 95 lbs24 – 26”
11 months old112 – 128 lbs92 – 106 lbs24 – 26”
12 months old114 – 130 lbs92 – 110 lbs24 – 27”
2 years old130 – 150 lbs100 – 120 lbs26 – 28”

Newfoundland Dog Full Size

A fully grown Newfoundland dog is definitely a sight to behold. With their giant build, they can as tall as the average human being when raised on their hind legs.

However, they are calm and easy-going dogs that are not threatening to human beings. They are like your giant but a gentle fluffy friend. A full-grown Newfoundland dog can even weigh up to 200 lbs and can be up to 28 inches tall.

Newfoundland Dog Litter, Paw, And Poop Size

Coming to their litter size a normal Newfie female can have a litter size of around 8-10 puppies but this may vary between 2 and 15. 

A Newfie females litter duration which is the pregnancy period may last for around 58 to 63 days or about 9 weeks. 

Paw size

In case you are curious to know about the paw size of a Newfoundland then you are in for a surprise. 

Because given their enormous body the giant dogs’ paws are fairly large. The paws of a Newfoundland might even be the size of your palm. 

They are great swimmers, thanks to the webbing among their toes on robust, muscular paws.

Poop Size

The poop size of a Newfie is also big, given its own giant build. As you know, the dog poop size depends on the diet and nutrition provided to the dog. 

Multiple factors will affect how much food your Newfoundland will require. Depending on their age, size, and intensity of exercise, they have different calorie and nutritional requirements. 

More active dogs will normally need more food than less active dogs. feeding the right amount of food to your dog is extremely important. Overfeeding your dog frequently results in obesity, which may significantly reduce its lifespan.

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Newfoundland Dog Size Compared to Human 

Newfoundland Dog Size comparison

Are you wondering how big these giants are compared to us? The fully grown Newfoundland dog is almost equal to the length of an average human being when raised with its hind legs. 

They depict a giant teddy bear with fluffy fur all over it. We can handle them easily provided their gentle and loving nature. 

However, one needs to be careful while leaving your child around them. As they unintentionally push them and cause harm. 

They should ideally be handled by an adult human being, who is friendly and kind to this giant teddy bear. 

Tibetan Mastiff Vs Newfoundland Dog Size Comparison 

Newfoundland Dog Size comparison

Both the Tibetan Mastiff and Newfoundland dogs are giant dog breeds. However, their personalities are quite distinguished. The Tibetans are reserved dogs, whereas the Newfie is loving and much friendly.

Size NewfoundlandTibetan Mastiff
Weight 100-150 lb (45-68 kg)70-150 lbs (31-68 kg)
Height 66-71 cm (26–28 in)(61-66 cm) 24-26 inches

Newfoundland Dog Vs Great Pyrenees Size Comparison 

Newfoundland Dog Size comparison

The Newfoundland and the great Pyrenees share a lot of similarities. Even in their sizes.

Size NewfoundlandGreat Pyrenees
Weight 100-150 lb (45-68 kg)85–165 lb (38–75 kg)
Height 66-71 cm (26–28 in)64-81 cm (25-32 inches)

Newfoundland Dog Vs St Bernard Size

Newfoundland Dog Size comparison

Both the dog breeds are from the working group. And their personalities are also very similar. They are so similar that oftentimes people get confused while distinguishing between them.

Size NewfoundlandSt. Bernard
Weight 100-150 lb (45-68 kg)120-180 lbs (54-82 kg)
Height 66-71 cm (26–28 in)65-76.2 cm (26-30”)

Newfoundland Dog Vs Great Dane Size

Newfoundland Dog Size comparison

The Great Dane and the Newfoundland are two of the biggest dog breeds. The Great Dane surpasses the Newfoundland in terms of weight and height, though. 

Size NewfoundlandGreat Dane 
Weight 100-150 lb (45-68 kg)100-175 lbs (45-79 kg)
Height 66-71 cm (26–28 in)71-81 cm (28-32”)

Bernese Mountain Dog Vs Newfoundland size

Newfoundland Dog Size comparison

The Bernese Mountain dog is good-natured. They almost have the same nature as the Newfoundland dog. However, their size is smaller than the Newfie.

Size NewfoundlandBernese Mountain Dog
Weight 100-150 lb (45-68 kg)70-115 lb (31-52 kg)
Height 66-71 cm (26–28 in)58-70 cm (23-27.5 inches)


And that was everything you need to know about the size of the Newfoundland dog. I hope this article was helpful enough and you got something useful from it.

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